Domain Names

Have you decided it’s about time you have your own domain name for your own personal or business website? We can register your chosen name (subject to availability) and have it up and running in seconds. Just let us know your desired domain name and leave the rest to us. We can even design, host and maintain your website if required.

Prices start from as little as £9 for a 1 year domain registration and if you want to register a domain type that we are not listing, please let us know as we can likely add this to our offerings for you.

Domain names registered with us can be used with any of our hosting plans or reseller and VPS accounts .

If you wish to reserve your domain name for future use but do not wish to have hosting for it yet, you may park your domain name on our servers, free of charge until such time when you are ready to make use of it. Even without having an active website, with a hosting account to go with your domain name you could create a holding page with some basic contact details or information on there and you can also use the hosting account to provide yourself with e-mail facilities based on your domain name.

Please see our web hosting page for the additional costs for a hosting account.